Opening Hours 12 - 2pm and 6 - 10.30pm

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Superbly located in St Helier, Gorey and St Lawrence, Ming's Dynasty offers you a reputable Chinese Restaurant in every port! Ming specialises in the complete Chinese experience, you don't have to sit on the floor but there is real China Tea and Chinese wine with a Chinese label. Specialities such as duck and shark's fin soup, fresh Jersey sole fillet Cantonese, Yum Goring and coffee or china tea served with fortune cookies bring the locals pouring in. Duck and pancakes are the most popular choice. At Cheapside, 'sizzling beef' is the speciality, and don't forget that vegetarians are catered for at all Ming's Restaurants.

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Where's your nearest Ming's?
Location Telephone
Elfine Hotel, Gorey Pier 856886
8 Cheapside, Saint Helier 732336
Sandybrook, Saint Lawrence 888683
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