A Personal Message from Ming

As a member of a family who own a number of Chinese restaurants in Jersey, I think I'm fairly well qualified to comment on the standard of our local Chinese, Indian and Thai restaurants. On the whole they are superb, probably amongst the best in Europe.

Our community concentrate on producing dishes, which although not part of European mainstream tradition, are tasty, wholesome, and so appetising that people will want to sample our food again and again.

Our success can be measured by the number of thriving long established restaurants dotted around the island, particularly in St Helier. Like restaurants serving European cuisine, we have top class chefs who can create mouth-watering traditional recipes or innovative new tastes. Many places operate take-away services and most have comprehensive wine lists.

Many staff in local oriental restaurants speak good English.

As an ending to these few remarks, I'd just like to congratulate all our local restaurateurs for making Jersey a haven for gourmets of all nationalities, no matter what their tastes. Jersey undoubtedly has the finest restaurants serving the greatest variety of traditional international dishes of almost anywhere of a comparable size in the world.

Ming Pang

of Ming's Dynasty Restaurants

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