Guide to
Rented Living Accommodation
in Jersey

If you are looking for HOLIDAY accommodation, please see The Jersey Hotel Guide

If you are coming to Jersey (Channel Islands) for an extended period, for work, business or a long-term stay, and require accommodation, other than in a hotel or guest house, then you will need to take into account that there are strict housing laws in Jersey, which control the rental of apartments and houses. Unfortunately, you cannot just rent anything which happens to be available.

Only persons who are 'residentially qualified' (ie, those who are born locally or are essentially employed or are residents of 15 or more years standing or have substantial assets and are considered to make a major financial contribution to the Island) are permitted to rent or buy flats or houses for their own use. If a person does not fall into one of these categories, they will have to seek alternative accommodation in the form of "lodgings", either in a private house or a registered lodging house.

Registered Lodging Houses:
        Graham House

Houses To Let:
        House in St Helier

Accommodation Agencies:
        Coming soon(ish) !

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